AVESIS is a comprehensive Process Management System developed to collect data related to academic activities and to carry out various institutional processes effectively. AVESIS is also a performance management system based on the Balanced Scorecard(BSC) model, which is also used by the world's leading organizations.                                                                                 

In the report titled 'Quality Assurance Principles and Standards in the European Higher Education Area' prepared within the scope of the Bologna process, it has been emphasized that all higher education institutions(HEI) should have quality assurance policies. They should collect, analyze data on teaching and research activities, use them for strategic management purposes and share current information in an impartial and transparent manner for society.

For the last 8 years, AVESIS Client Universities has been conducting extensive studies on the recording of activities, assets to develop institutional strategies and performance-based applications. By knowledge gained from these studies, various process management systems have been developed. Many of these Universites was registered as one of Turkey's top 10 research universities by implementing effective strategies, which have resulted from the benefit of using AVESIS.

AVESIS has two main sub-systems:

·         Academic Information System

·         Performance Management System

Each sub-system has several service modules. AVESIS enables performance and productivity to be monitored at the personal, departmental, unit, and institutional levels, based on over 500 indicators instantaneously.